Graduate Student Supervision

2020-21 MRP supervisor: Burcu Boran, LAL-DLLL, York University

2019-   PhD supervisor: Anda Amelia Neagu, LAL-DLLL, York University

2018-2019         MRP supervisor: Yijun (Jerry) Li, Raising and Obligatory Control in Mandarin Chinese, LAL-DLLL, York University

2015-2017         MRP supervisor: Andrew Peters, ‘Structural Problems in the Syntax of Multiple-Modality Cross-Linguistically: A Feature-geometric approach’, LAL-DLLL, York University

2015-2016         MRP co-supervisor (with Philipp Angermeyer): Marina Tchistaia, ‘Language contact and Changes in Adpositional Constructions in North West Karaim,’ LAL-DLLL, York University

2014-                   PhD supervisor: Gavin Bembridge: ‘Issues in Spanish Verbal Inflection: A Distributed Morphology Approach,’ LAL-DLLL, York University

2013-2014         MRP supervisor: Gavin Bembridge, ‘Cleft Constructions in Scottish Gaelic,’ LAL-DLLL, York University

2012-2016         PhD supervisor: Amer Ahmed, ‘Case in Standard Arabic: A Dependent case Approach,’ LAL-DLLL, York University

2010-2011         MRP supervisor: Amer Ahmed, ‘The Movement Theory of Control in Iraqi Arabic: A case for PRO or pro?’ MATAL-DLLL, York University

2010-2016         PhD supervisor: Iryna Lenchuk, ‘Aspect and Case in Interlanguage grammar: The Case of English learners of Russian,’ LAL-DLLL, York University

2009-2010        MRP supervisor: Taeyoul Kim, ‘The Korean Nominal Structure and Default Case,’ MATAL-DLLL, York University

2007-2010        MRP co-supervisor (with Ruth King): Daryl Chow, 'Singlish can say what?: A study of wh-in-situ in Singaporean English,’ MATAL-DLLL, York University

2007-2008       MRP supervisor: Man (Victoria) Cheng, ‘Classifiers: A comparative study of Cantonese and Mandarin,’ MATAL-DLLL, York University

2007-2008       MRP supervisor: Laura Kisielyte, ‘On Argument Structure in Ndebele: Applicatives High and Low,’ MATAL-DLLL, York University

2007-2008       MRP supervisor: Sebastien Plante, 'Semantic Roles and Argument Structure: An overview,’ MATAL-DLLL, York University

2005-2006       MRP supervisor: Milica Radisic, ‘Subject Raising and Obligatory Subject Control in Serbian,’ MATAL-DLLL, York University

2004-2005       MRP supervisor: Masaaki Urano, ‘Japanese Particles and Syntactic Representation,’ MATAL-DLLL, York University

2004-2005       MRP supervisor: Maia Sakvarelidze, ‘Properties of the Russian Reflexive  Morpheme SJA,’  MATAL-DLLL, York University

2001-2002        Supervisor, MA Forum paper: Keir Moulton, ‘Clausal Modification in Old English: The Case of the Correlative,’ University of Toronto

1995-1996         Supervisor, MA thesis: Nicoleta Baciu, ‘Optimality and Verb-Second in Germanic,’ English Department, University of Bucharest